Protect any Android application with the password!

SMS, Gmail, Contacts, Chat, Calendar, Settings, e-mail, Photos... everything you wish!

Enjoy higly-customizable protection:
  • Set PIN-code to Messages and GMail
  • Show off your phone to others but keep private data inacessible
  • Lock your corporate secrets
  • Set password to buy paid applications from Market
  • Protect sensitive data if the phone is lost

Application is available for free (no Ads inside) from Android Market:

This is still in 'Beta' testing, so please report any bugs to


 androidtapp.comApp of the week. "Should you Download Protector? Yes! Must Buy for App and Data Protection!" (Russian) (German)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Protector runs as a background service consuming negligible amount of memory and passively waits for start of protected applications. Once user clicks an icon to start such application, full-screen window is shown on top, asking for a password.

If user clicks Cancel or anyhow closes the window, protected application is immediately sent to background to make sure that it can't be used without a password.

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Kind regards,
Android-Password Team

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